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Founder, CEO, and Professor Bobbie L. Jackson, of Educational and Professional Consulting Services, LLC 

Professor of Excellence Badge

Certified in HR

Master's of Art-Human Resources

Certified Mediator

Testimonials from Recent Student Surveys for Professor Jackson:

"I totally appreciated Professor Jackson's teaching style, and her willingness to provide individualized support to myself and other students whom may have had additional questions, concerns, and or issues that may have effected classroom participation. Great Experience!" 

  • "She is awesome, thorough, very, very engagingg no one can deny her that. Gives feedback to assist with growth. Examples for clarity. Really likes to involve and acknowledge everyone. Thread discussion are good. She sets the weekly tone. Great example of a professor/upper management, high level training style. Very personable, no matter your race, sex or creed. Everyone is treated the equally. Seem very invested in everyone success. People utilized professor Jackson as how others should conduct themselves, treat students, as well as her teaching abilities and range of knowledge. I've NEVER.... given a professor a review like this. I always either bypass this part or say little. This time I had to speak up as I am leaving this course with more knowledge. I wish I could have her for the duration of my certification. She is a great mentor to have..." 

"Hello Professor Jackson, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your class this session. I appreciate our class time and meaningful time spent. Taking your class has sparked new interests and possibly a new career path. I appreciate you and the knowledge you've shared. I am not sure what other courses you teach, but maybe we will cross paths again. Thank you again!"



Instagram:  consultingservices813@ Prof BJ

Twitter: ProfBJ@P rofBJ2 

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